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Home to the natural Hot Spring

Nestled in the heart of Far North Queensland, the charming town of Innot Hot Springs is home to a lovely natural hot spring, just waiting to relax your senses. And what’s even better? The Innot Hot Springs Caravan & Leisure Park is your perfect stop, located right alongside Nettle Creek, where the magic of this natural spring comes to life. Conveniently located on the famous Kennedy Highway, our park is the perfect midpoint between the towns of Ravenshoe and Mt Garnet. So, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a curious explorer, come on over and let the good times flow!

Home to Australia’s Vibrant Wildlife

Immerse yourself in the symphony of bird songs, the enchanting beauty of a natural hot spring, and the serenity of a dam that captures beautiful sunsets when you stay with us. Our caravan park is not just a destination; it’s an invitation to witness Australia’s vibrant wildlife in its natural habitat. With a chorus of birdlife and native creatures as your neighbours, your adventure awaits. Come experience a world where nature’s wonders come to life – a paradise for both relaxation and exploration.

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Campsites & Rooms

Our welcoming facilities provide a variety of powered and unpowered sites, catering to both caravans and motorhomes. Plus, we offer an array of accommodation choices, from cosy camping sites to self-contained rooms, and even standard rooms for your convenience.

Our park is the ultimate retreat for those in pursuit of tranquillity, serenity, and relaxation. Come and experience a peaceful haven where fun and serenity seamlessly blend, making it the ideal destination for your well-deserved getaway.

Welcoming to everyone

Our Facilities

Camp Kitchen

Our kitchen features a stove top, fryer, kettle, microwave, toaster, fridge, garbage can, table, chairs, dishcloths, and detergent. Please remember to bring your own crockery, cooking equipment, and utensils, as the park does not provide these items.

6 Thermal Pools

We have six thermal pools, each offering a unique temperature experience. For those seeking tranquility, we provide adult-only pools. Our relaxing water is filtered from the natural hot spring, right next to our caravan park, ensuring an all-natural and rejuvenating soak.


Our park offers a well-equipped laundry area, complete with washing machines priced at just $4 per load. We also provide sinks for your convenience, and a vending machine to cover all your refreshment needs while you wait.


Please visit our reception for the opportunity to purchase a selection of cold beverages, ice cream, and place orders for fish & chips and coffee. Our welcoming staff are always on hand to assist you with check-in procedures and day-pass access to our pools.


Innot Hot Springs History

Legend has it that the Innot Hot Springs used to consist of Large pools overflowing hot water and noted as a “Health Resort” and resembling the famous Thermal spas of Europe.

History of Innot Hot Springs

Innot became popular with up to 50 people bathing at the same time. The 1891 Australian Medical Gazette claimed, the springs have gained a reputation for there curative properties in chronic rheumatism, gout, liver & kidney diseases.

By the 1890’s there were 2 hotels, a bath house and a weekly coach service from Herberton. Innot Spa Water was placed in barrels & hauled over the Cardwell Range by mules for bottling in a townsville soft drink factory. The Innot bottle was then sent to Europe to be used as medicine. The production continued until 1914 at the outbreak of war.

What makes the water hot?

Sandy alluvial sediment and fractured rocks – of the Hodgkinson formation combine unground with large faults until it comes into close proximity to the magma chamber, some 600 meters below. Here, the water becomes heated and expands. Now under pressure the water is forced to the surface along the large fault which lies under the township. the pressurised and heated water then discharges to the point of the springs just below the hotel was 71.5°C.

The flow rate was estimated at 3 litres per second.

We are

Pet Friendly

At Innot Hot Springs Caravan and Leisure Park, we pride ourselves on being a privately run, pet-friendly haven for travellers.

Please view our Pet Friendly page for T&Cs

Day Visitors Welcome

Step into our soothing hot pools and let your worries melt away. We offer a warm welcome to day visitors, so whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape for a day or the perfect pit stop on your adventure, our doors are open. Join us and discover the perfect oasis for your ultimate day getaway.

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